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Products - AED - Infant Pad Replacement for CR Plus & Express Defibrillator

Infant Pad Replacement for CR Plus & Express Defibrillator

Infant-Child AED Pads for use CR Plus, LIFEPAK EXPRESS, and LIFEPAK 1000 AEDs. Infant-Child AED pads are important for any AED (automated external defibrillator) program in place at a daycare, elementary school or any other facility that serves children. The Medtronic Infant-Child AED pads reduce the energy delivered to the patient, which is important and recommended for children 8 years and under or 55 pounds and less. Children do not suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) as often as adults do but it was estimated in 2003 that 7,000 – 10,000 of sudden cardiac deaths were in people under 30 years old. 3.7 percent of those victims were younger than 8 years old. Automated external defibrillator pads are a necessary component of the AED unit, without them, the AED will not work. People may not be aware of the fact that like AED batteries, AED pads expire so it is important to conduct regular maintenance inspections of all the parts of your AED and to keep extra AED pads on hand. More than 70% of all sudden cardiac arrest victims are saved by an automated external defibrillator make sure yours is ready and waiting.