Lifebeats First Aid

When Seconds Count

Downtown Alliston, 103 Victoria Street West, Unit 4(upstairs), 705-250-LIFE (5433),
Downtown Alliston
103 Victoria Street West
Unit 4(upstairs)
705-250-LIFE (5433)


Lifebeats is a Canadian based company, primarily servicing Simcoe County, and surrounding areas. We are competitively priced, specialize in WSIB First Aid and CPR certification training, and Defibrillation training & Sales. We offer on-site training at your facility/home, where we can offer workplace training scenarios. Or come to one of our public courses. We offer Mask Fit testing at our facility or we can bring to you as well. We employ a variety of trained and licensed Provincial Paramedics and instructors trained to industry standards with 20 years of experience or more. Our quality training and certification process is professional simple to understand and easy to apply to all situations. Our strength is in teaching First Aid & CPR. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable in providing first response in all types of situations that require help. Without proper emergency training, you cannot assist in saving or maintaining life. Choose Lifebeats First Aid. It might be one of the best investments you make, especially when a life could be depending on it!

Mia Smilsky

Mia is the proud Owner and Lead Instructor for Lifebeats First Aid. Mia has over 30 years teaching experience, specifically in the First Aid/CPR/AED industry. Her passion and love for teaching shines in each and every class she teaches no matter how many students are in her class. What motivates Mia the most, is students who approach her during/after class, and tell Mia that they loved her class and they felt as though they would be able to help in an emergency situation. At the end of the day, Mia's goal is always the give you the confidence and ability to help someone in an emergency situation. Mia has won numerous awards over the years for her excellence in teaching and leadership.

T: 705-250-5433