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Downtown Alliston, 103 Victoria Street West, Unit 4(upstairs), 705-250-LIFE (5433),
Downtown Alliston
103 Victoria Street West
Unit 4(upstairs)
705-250-LIFE (5433)


Welcome to Lifebeats First Aid. We are a First Aid, CPR and Defibrillation Training & Sales business located in Alliston, Ontario...with very big hearts. Here you can learn a little bit more about the people who deliver the course content every day! Thanks for stopping by.

Mia Smilsky
Mia Smilsky

"I am thrilled to be able to offer First Aid and CPR courses to the community I live in. My 30 years experience continues to bring people coming back each year, which allows me to really get to know the needs of my clients, and continue to improve my services and grow personally, and as a business." - Mia Smilsky

Lukie the Lifesaving Dog
Lukie the Lifesaving Dog

Lukie joined our team in 2015. His adoption was an easy process, and he fit into our family very nicely. Lukie is very smart. He is able to walk on his hind legs at all times to help him stand out in a crowd. He is very soft, and loves when people want to take pictures with him. He is not shy, and loves everyone. Next time you see Lukie, make sure to stop and say "hi".